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In the chaotic world of the electrical industry, There is one name that has shone as a beacon, through the last decade... gently guiding all those who chose to walk in its path, towards success and perfection, in the assembly of world class Control Panels and Switchboards. Pac Electricals the 'One stop shop for Wiring Accessories and Fabrication Components'. Quality, Trust, Dependability and Reliablility are synonymous with the services we provide, and thousands of our satisfied customers take us for granted when they do business with us.When we serve you, we work for the Winners.

  • - We provide products to International Standards and lower your installed costs.
  • - We develop Quality Components for Switchboards and Control Panels.
  • - We have state-of-the-art products, to make installation and fabrication easy and convenient.
  • - We don't ever rest. We deliver only the Best'.